Living Local 2015 Sustainability Fair

The Living Local project supports the creation of a vibrant sustainable local economy, as well as the hosting of a fair centered around celebrating local sustainability efforts and educating the community on what it means to be sustainable: to sustain ourselves, and flourish, while providing the same and better for future generations.

Our goal is to highlight the concept that if we all live a little more locally minded, big things can happen.

We already know that sustainability includes great ideas like locally crafted soaps, recycling, and installing rain barrels around your home. But did you know that Sustainability is also about serious scientific and economic study that shows the real benefits of choosing methods that create industry and jobs, stabilize our economy, and leave us and generations to come with a livable farmable environment, and uncontaminated natural landscape.

This is our challenge: to engage the community, educate them on a multitude of complex topics, and inspire them to integrate sustainable methods into their lives.

In 2011, Create Huntington volunteers through the Living Local Project, Sustainable Living for WV, and the Marshall University Sustainability Department, came together with a number of other individuals, businesses, and organizations, to discuss hosting a Sustainability Fair in Huntington.  The Greater Huntington Park and Recreation District has joined us as a Co-Sponsor.

Our mission is to educate the public through a fun and entertaining community fair. We envision a large scale event on May 16th of 2015, with many different types of participants ranging from craft art to live music, small businesses to large-scale industry, local farmers to local food enthusiasts, green focused organizations to sustainability efforts within and/or by the city. There is much to celebrate, and yet there remains a significant opportunity for increased public education and awareness.


Participants will share in educating the public on topics that range from the PATH, Storm Water Management, urban green spaces, energy efficiency, green industry, shopping local, local foods, and more.

For more information about the Living Local Project, or if you are interested in participating in any way, please join us on Facebook. Our Page can be found at, and our planning FB Group at Our Event Page can be found at

Denise Poole

Project Co-coordinator
(304) 617-8402

Eve Marcum-Atkinson
Project Co-coordinator
(614) 357-8533

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