Attention Local Businesses: We want YOU!

Attention Local Businesses: We want YOU!

We want local sustainable-minded businesses to participate in our 2015 Sustainability Fair. We’ve over a dozen confirmed business supporters already, over 30 participants in total, but we need more. We want to showcase how local businesses buy from local producers, how local businesses provide sustainable services, sell sustainable products, and use sustainable materials. We want to let the region know just how Huntington, the Tri-State, and West Virginia are becoming truly Sustainable.

The Living Local project supports the creation of a vibrant sustainable local economy, as well as the hosting of a fair centered around celebrating local sustainability efforts and educating the community on what it means to be sustainable: to sustain ourselves, and flourish, while providing the same and better for future generations.

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Denise Poole
Project Co-coordinator
(304) 617-8402

Eve Marcum-Atkinson
Project Co-coordinator
(614) 357-8533

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