Next Meeting: Jan 31 @ Heritage Station

Poster-edit-Jan-30-2015-smallerWhat: Monthly planning meeting for 2015 Sustainability Fair
When: Sat Jan 31, 2015 1pm – 3pm Eastern Time
Where: 210 11th St. (Diamond Teeth Mary Way), Huntington, WV 25701

Help plan our 2015 Sustainability Fair! The next 4 months will go by quickly, and we have lots of work to do before our May 16th event. We hope you can join us at Heritage Station this Saturday from 1-3pm, to help brainstorm and plan for this large event.

As always – please feel free to bring your lunch with you, or plan to buy from The Station’s local eateries, including the River and Rail Bakery. This meeting is family friendly.

Overview: We look to host a fair centered around celebrating local sustainability efforts, creating a vibrant sustainable local economy, and educating the community on what it means to be sustainable.

Possible participants could include:
– Local musicians, artisans, crafts persons, authors, performers.
– Local foods focused markets, producers, restaurants, groups
– Local sustainability efforts by the City, community groups, organizations.
– Local businesses that sell or provide green and/or sustainable solutions/products.
– Local alternative transport options, including: walking, biking, buses; the PATH, City walkways and improved biking areas.
– Local health and fitness, including building a calendar of the many walk/run fundraisers, marathons, and races hosted each year.
– Education organizations/projects/lecturers centered on sustainability topics.
– Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Manufacturing/Industry, Green Services and Construction
– And more!

If you are interested in participating in any way and would like to join us on Facebook, you can find our
event page is at

Our Living Local page on Facebook is at, and you can join our planning group at if you would like to lend a hand.

For more information about the this project, please Contact Us.

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