Participants and Topics

Here are some great areas of interest to the Living Local Project, and some suggested Participants for the 2015 Sustainability Fair:

Sustainable/ Green Issues 

  • MU Sustainability Dept
  • OVEC
  • Sustainable Living for WV
  • WV Environmental Council
  • Special Speakers

Green Spaces, Ag Issues, and Land Management 

  • WV Land Trust
  • Extension Agencies through WVU and WVSU
  • Cabell County Master Gardeners
  • Greater Huntington Parks and Recreation District
  • Community Gardens (MU Roof/Rain/Student Gardens, WVSU SCRATCH Program, Fairfield West, St. Peter Claver, etc.)

Water Conservation 

  • Storm Water Mgmt,
  • Mark Buchanan of WV Conservation Agency

Green Infrastructure 

  • City of Huntington Planning & Development, Plan 2025 – (Breanna Shell)
  • Greater Huntington Parks and Recreation District
  • Cabell Huntington Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • Solid Waste Authority and their recycling programs

Local Foods 

  • The Wild Ramp (Katharine Lea, Lauren Kemp, Shelly Keeney)
  • Huntington Kitchen (Cabell Huntington Hospital)
  • 30 Mile Meal project, Locavore Movement (Gail Patton, Karen Scalf)
  • Area Restaurants that use locally raised foods, organic foods
  • Area Farmers and Growers that raise and produce local foods, organic foods

Shopping Local/Sustainable Economy

  • Firefly Marketing Consulting – (Thomas and Stacy McChesney)
  • Shops at Heritage Station
  • Cabell Huntington Convention and Visitors Bureau

Healthy & Active 

  • Area walk/run-athon fundraisers, races, marathons, etc.
  • Area bike shops, running shops, fitness centers, such as Robert’s Running Shop, Jeff’s Bike Shop, Cross Fit, Studio 8, Brown Dog Yoga, etc.
  • Area orgs that focus on health and fitness (EMO, Huntington Health Revolution, Huntington Kitchen, Huntington Road Runners, Tristate, WV Trail Runners Association)
  • Do a bike tour (Commuter Bike Map, the PATH, bike share program)

Artisans, Musicians, Crafts persons, performers 

  • Huntington Art Museum
  • MU Art Dept
  • Shops at Heritage Station
  • Huntington Blues Association, etc.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  • Energy Efficiency, Lower Carbon Footprint
  • Renewable Products
  • Green Building (Edward Tucker Architects)
  • Recycling Programs (Solid Waste Authority, GoodWill, MU)

Sustainable Economy

  • Local Businesses and Products
  • Local History Preservation

Public Policy, and more!

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