Take the 2017 Green Challenge!

The “Green Challenge” Calendar is filled with green action ideas, and local area events in April and May, leading up to the Sustainability Fair on Saturday, May 20th.

In addition, a small list of challenges are offered to the community, designed to encourage all to choose living a little more green, simply, and sustainably.

To make it a fun challenge, the first 10 fair attendees to complete this Green Challenge and bring their checked lists to our information booth at the fair will receive a free reusable shopping bag filled with green swag .

The calendar is filled with a host of events. We’ve included national observances as well, so there’s a wonderful array of activities to welcome spring, Earth Day, the Sustainability Fair, and connecting with our local community.

The challenge is both fun and educational, and is perfect for either individuals or a whole family. Simple tasks such as using LED light bulbs at home, recycling, biking to work or school, or getting involved in a local community project can have a real positive impact.

Brought to you by the Marshall University Sustainability Department.


Green Calendar Challenge PDF

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